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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play SantosRP?

SantosRP is entirely free to play as long as you own a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and have installed FiveM.
Once on FiveM, you can search for us using the browser's search function and typing SantosRP,, or you can join by using our links.

Why should I play SantosRP?

SantosRP is always designed to be your 2nd home, your home away from home; structured in a way to allow members to come and go freely, and avoid restrictions by those pesky dual-clanning rules. Or, for many members, SantosRP is a great place to be your primary server.

SantosRP thrives on providing fresh content every single month, taking the community's feedback into consideration for everything we do. SantosRP also is designed to be a place you can come and relax, but also immerse yourself in our developed scripts and systems. We like to think of ourselves as the realm of opportunity for all who come, allowing them the opportunity to add their roleplay to the server.

When founding SantosRP, Conway and the DefconGaming team had a few things in mind, that are now hallmarks of the community:
- A safe, welcoming place for all types of people; free from racism, homophobia, xenophobia, judgement, and discrimination.
- A fun, drama-free environment to play around with existing friends or meet new ones!
- A server that allowed you to customize your roleplay level and experience, from strict to serious, to serious to more casual; and everything in between.
- A community and server that didn't lock key features behind payment walls or give paying members an unfair advantage.
- A community that thrived on community input, community feedback, and innovation - constantly updating to make improvements.
- A system which allowed you to easily become a trained police officer, experienced EMT, or a rookie drug dealer.
- A reliable team of staff members who care about you the user and the community, instead of power and position.